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    USB Cable


    Hot-selling GPS Tracking Device 2in1 USB Charging Cable Line GPS Tracker With Remote Voice Recorder Data Cable

    WIFI + LBS positioning + recording (priority WIFI positioning accuracy)


    Quick Details
    Type: GPS Tracker
    Brand Name: USB cable GPS
    Model Number: GPS Car tracking system
    Network: GSM/GPRS
    Name: super mini gps tracker

    SMS comands :

    · 000 # number # number # number # (binding three phone numbers)

    · 111 (SMS recording 10 minutes pause)

    · 222 (voice recording 5 minutes pause)

    · 333 (voice-activated dial-back telephone)

    · 444 (delete all contents of memory)

    · 555 (turn off all features)

    · 666 (vibration alarm SMS)

    · 777 (vibration alarm telephone)

    · 888 (play the memory recording — such as the next play then pause after the broadcast — if the switch key short press pause)

    · 999 ( SMS Coordinate Positioning )


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