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    Car Vacuum


    Car Rechargeable Vacuum Cleaner For All Cars


    Quickly get rid of annoying sand and dust from the car without going to the car wash

    • Small stature
    • Large suction
    • Under strong suction, it can easily absorb dust
    • Paper scraps, hair, soot, melon seeds, etc
    • The maximum suction can reach 6000pa.
    • HEPA filter screen
    • Layer upon layer protection
    • HEPA filter screen can effectively filter fine dust,
    • Not easy to dirty, more durable
    • Small volume
    • Put it in the car
    • It can be placed in the storage box, door, etc
    • The shape is light and does not occupy an area
    • Fast charging battery
    • Worry free endurance
    • It can be filled in about 1 hours and works at full speed
    • It can dust for about 40 minutes.
    • Mini Compact
    • Strong suction
    • Pick it up and use it. It is small and easy to deal with the inside of the car
    • Cleaning of various corners
    • 6000pa high suction
    • Suck up all the garbage and debris in the car!
    • Double side wind guide design
    • Accelerate heat dissipation
    • Parallel air guide structure can speed up internal heat dissipation,
    • Improve the overall endurance.
    • Soft rubber dust shield
    • Reject secondary pollution
    • The dust shield is opened when vacuuming and closed when stopping,
    • Prevent secondary pollution.


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